Fresh from Browns Summit

28 Apr

Farming Practices – We do not use synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Instead we use compost and OMRI certified products. We plant non-GMO seeds and grow outdoors in the soil.

Saturday April 29:  We will have spinach (lots of spinach), arugula, kale, rainbow chard, broccoli raab, and lettuce.

We bring a lot of kale to market.  We grow Siberian, Red Russian, Tuscan, and curly (Nash’s and Vates).  When we harvest kale, we wash it in very cold water, discard any defective leaves, cut short the stems, weigh & bag, and place the bags immediately in an ice chest.

The Congolina table at the market is on the center aisle that leads directly to Yanceyville Street.

You are welcome to visit Congolina Farm. Our email is Our address is 5919 Bush Road in Browns Summit.

The solar farm next to our vegetable field has now generated over four gigawatt hours of electric power that is fed into the grid via Duke Energy.  That’s the equivalent of 350,000 gallons of gasoline. Here is a link to the current status.

Here are pictures from of some of our team.

Mimi chopping with her huge hoe.

Beth thinning Italian beets in a raised bed.

Mende preparing a plot for cassava.

Kass and Ray picking red Russian kale.

Marthe and Agnes
Netting used instead of spray to protect eggplants from flea beetles.